Peace Community: Chris Ambedkar

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My name is Chris Ambedkar and this is #MyCanada

Currently, I am pursuing a Masters of Digital Media at Ryerson University in Toronto. My research specializes in YouTube culture, social behaviours online, and a lean methodology to becoming a successful YouTube influencer.

We asked asked Chris, what does the concept of chasing your passion mean to you?

As for what I'm passionate about, I have a little YouTube channel where I post comedy sketch videos every so often. The videos range between ranting videos, comedy skits, and challenge videos. Posting weekly on my channel and monitoring results is also apart of my research. I started this channel because I really didn't have any confidence in myself. I felt that I had a hard time being myself and as a result, I became very depressed and sad. Creating this YouTube channel has helped me deal with sadness because I truly love and enjoy when people find my videos funny. It made me happy to make others happy. It really does touch me when people let me know that I've made their day better because of my videos. That is when I realized that I love making YouTube videos and I realized that, whatever my career path is, I absolutely must inspire positive change and make people happy.

"It made me happy to make others happy"

Through my channel, I hope to inspire people to have no shame in who they are and to be themselves, no matter what anyone says. Growing up, I had a rough childhood and was often bullied for being who I was. My YouTube channel is liberating for me because it allows me to be myself freely, and people seem to enjoy it! Currently I am at 2700+ subscribers with over 126 000 views and it continues to grow everyday. I hope to inspire people through my story and I want to use the YouTube platform to inspire positive change and encourage people to be themselves.